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We bought our first picture by Lesley some seven years ago from an exhibition. Recent changes to our home, with new furniture and decoration encouraged us to consider some new pictures. We were still enthralled by our existing picture’s vibrancy, vitality, colour, and composition. So much choice, and so much sold, those available needed seeing on the canvas. We met in her studio to see some pictures, bringing photos of our room and material samples. We talked. “Why not commission me” she asked? “We’ve never done this before” we replied, with some trepidation. She made it easy. The conversation led to a specification of subject content, colours which were shown, size, mount, frame etc., time scale and price.  Emails came regularly with progress in photo attachments, at all stages from sketches through to adding individual colours, constantly seeking critique and approval. What a result! Your own creation, just right for the location, care of one truly creative caring artist.

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