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Headteacher, Holy Family Catholic Primary School
"Lesley Whelan and Real Art have inspired the children and staff at Holy family to be budding artists, producing outstanding pieces of work. They work with whole classes delivering excellent ...

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Principal, St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary, Coventry
"As a school, we are immensely passionate about our ethos and values and are hugely committed to ensuring every child receives the education they deserve. We are very grateful to ...

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Deputy Head, St Augustine’s Primary School, Coventry
"The artists are extremely talented and have planned some exciting units linked to the children’s topic work. The quality of the artwork the children, across the school, have produced has ...

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Principal, St Patrick's, Coventry
"Inspirational artwork from Lesley and her team. We started with a seed of an idea and Lesley's team worked with enthusiasm to bring it to life. Thank you."

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Year 6 Class Teacher
"Emma’s skills and talents are an absolute inspiration to the children in year 6 and this is epitomised by the incredible work that they produce!!"

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Vice Principal, St John Fisher, Coventry
"Wonderful artists that really get the best out of the children.Children are engrossed and motivated to achieve their best. All children believe they are real artists. Their work is highly ...

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Art Lead, Grange Farm, Coventry
"Our Art curriculum at Grange Farm is enriched by the knowledge and talent of the wonderful artists who share their passion for their subject with our children. Skilled in all ...

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‘Inspiring and developing artistic and creative practice in others….’


Real ART: A hand-picked team of specialist art practitioners and teachers who can deliver a diverse range of specialist art activities in your setting. We can work on a short or long term basis on projects that range from 1 day to ongoing. We are all highly motivated and passionate about the value of visual art within education.

We can work with small groups on bespoke projects, whole classes, teaching staff or community groups, building projects in response to your needs. Much of our most recent work has been with whole classes offering specialist art teaching during teacher PPA cover time.

Real ART is a small, highly experienced team with extensive knowledge of current National Curriculum guidelines. We offer exciting, creative and cross-curricular approaches that are driven by the voice and interests of pupils and teachers.

Establishing meaningful and respectful relationships is the key to our working process

Real ART also offers Creative Consultancy, facilitating and engaging teachers with pedagogy and improving practice. As well as providing specialist support in art/design, other strengths include curriculum design/innovation and supporting teachers in the process of creating pathways between educational requirement and pupil interest. We are passionate about, and a firm believers in, children as co-constructors of the curriculum.

If you are interested in working with us, or would like to find out more, please drop us an email.

A school jigsaw created to mark The Year of the Faith

Our Artists:

A handpicked team of educators and artists who receive ongoing advice and support and are passionate about the value of visual art within education. They are all practicing artists in their own right and bring a special dynamic to the school environment. All are fully DBS checked.


My main interests lie in Creative Education and learning through investigative processes.

I did my degree in Fine Art Painting and I specialise in mixed media using readily accessible materials that are often found around the home. I often bring this element into the many creative projects I have done with adults and children alike – making and creating with things that people have around them.

I have worked in a variety of settings and with people of all ages.

Things that I love are my family, wonderful friends and the great outdoors.


I am a soft sculptor and Illustrator.

I work from my studio at home to produce sculpted textile toys called Naughty Monsters as well as zombie dolls and illustrations. I also produces props for commission.

I have lots of experience in teaching across the full primary range and many artistic disciplines. I love working with children and enjoy seeing them develop as artists. I build up good working relationships and work hard to creatively interpret the curriculum being taught. Recent work has included PPA cover in years 3 and 4.


I am an artist, teacher and art technician and I specialise in Fine Art, Photography, conceptual art and installations.

I have experience teaching a variety of ages having delivered PPA cover and more bespoke projects too.  It has been great to track creative development, research different topics/artists and broaden the children’s understanding of Art. Teaching has brought many positive challenges and helped me to develop personally as an Artist and educator.

I live with my wife and two children in Coventry.


I have been working with the Real Art team for almost 4 years now working mainly in primary schools. It has been a rewarding time seeing children respond to new skills in art and understanding about artists who’s work informs their own. I am excited when they express themselves and at how well they grasp the language of art. Engaging in quality provision at primary level enables children to have better access to aspects of culture and art in the future.

I have taught children and adults of all ages and in a variety of settings, including adults with learning difficulties. Prior to this I was head of Art in a secondary school.


I’ve recently joined the team and have been working in partnership with Lesley. My heart is in Early Years and learning through play, so many projects will involve getting messy (I trained as an Early Years teacher as a mature student)! I love to collaborate with others and come up with new ideas.

Art has aways been an important element in my life and I’ve recently taken up watercolours.  I believe creativity is in the heart of every child and is a means to discover and grow in self esteem and self worth. Success is not the finished article but the confidence built in the process.

I have worked in a variety of primary school settings across key stages. I am part of the Education Team at Brandon Marsh where I regularly lead groups in creative and investigative outdoor activities.

I love outdoor adventures, being hospitable and spending time with my family and friends.


I am a passionate and outgoing young artist and I have recently joined the Real Art team! I am supporting art sessions in primary schools at the moment but am eager to learn as much as possible and take on more responsibility.

I studied Fine Art at York St. John University where I developed a strong interest in Installation Art and Photography. I enjoy experimenting using a range of materials to create pieces which the viewer can experience and engage with. I love discovering new ways of showing the audience a fresh perspective in art.

I also enjoy culture, travel and spending time with family and friends.



I am a friendly, versatile, hardworking and knowledgeable teacher of Art who can deliver all aspects of the Art curriculum up to ‘A’ level standard and beyond.  Alongside my Art qualifications, I also have certificates in welding, brazing and 2D CAD.  I am fully conversant with teaching workshop practice within the DT side of the subject.

I continually seek to improve myself professionally and actively strive to ensure that the pupils I teach receive an art education that motivates, stimulates and challenges. Beside the practical skills that I teach the children, I endeavour to build up an aesthetic appreciation of their work. I believe that it is fundamental that pupils from an early age know what a successful piece of work looks like, how to achieve it and how to overcome difficulties.


Brit is a designer with experience across a range of platforms and mediums.  Mainly a graphic and interior designer, she also has a background in fine art and a passion for all things craft.  She enjoys anything messy and abstract, with bright and bold colours.  She has experience working with educators and businesses to creatively develop and express their values and culture.

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