Commissioned Work

by Lesley Whelan

About the Commission Process

A piece of work created especially for you is very special.

It will be a complete one-off and something you grow to love more and more as time goes by…

With commissioning you don’t just end up with something that is unique to you but you also become part of the design process. Lesley is experienced at handling this process and is regularly commissioned. She communicates with you beforehand (ideally this will involve a studio visit, but not always), she finds out what you want….gets to know you, asks questions. She’ll want to know why you want it and how she can make it personal to you. And if you are unsure she can advise.

You’ll then be sent a commissioning contract and asked for a deposit. Commissioning a piece of work is slightly more expensive but you have the artist’s undivided attention and something is created with just you in mind.

You’ll be sent regular images and invited to offer input. Producing something that communicates a part of you is often what it’s all about…and Lesley will work hard to achieve this.

Rachel WadeOPT HR
I've been lucky to have worked with lovely Lesley Whelan who has taken our deep discussion and beautifully created an amazing piece of art aptly called 'Love Conquers All' ...

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Frankie Bowen
Hello Lesley. The picture came today and I got here to find it was well and truly wrapped up, so thanks for taking such care and effort in getting it ...

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Chris and Phil Farrell
My wife and I had been looking for a work of art to hang in our living room for upwards of five years. We'd seen lots but they were never quite ...

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Martin and Katie Turville
We bought our first picture by Lesley some seven years ago from an exhibition. Recent changes to our home, with new furniture and decoration encouraged us to consider some new ...

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Tracey Russell-Brookes
'WOW! Lesley, l love my art work. I love the colours. Thank you for the prompt delivery.

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James Lawlor
My wife and I own several examples of Lesley's work and we love them all. There is always something new to see in each picture and they cover an amazing ...

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Marina Phillips
Lesley has been commissioned by hospices, nursing homes and hospitals to bring colour and vibrancy to their surroundings for the benefit of those in their care. It has been established ...

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The artist retains the copyright in the art work and the commissioning party must obtain prior written permission from the artist to: (i) copy the art work; (ii) issue copies of the art work to the public; (iii) rent or lend the art work to the public; (iv) perform, show (exhibit) or play the art work; (v) communicate the art work to the public; and/or (vi) make an adaptation of the art work.  The commissioning party may not alter or modify the art work without the artist’s prior consent.

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